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  • Does the $500k investment property still exist?

    Sep 18, 2017 “Setting aside Melbourne and Sydney for a moment, there are still plenty of properties under $500,000 for sale across the country. Capital cities such as Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Darwin, as well as many regional centres, are places to look if you are keen to invest at this price point.

  • Properties That Deliver Big Numbers Aug 31, 2017

    Investors shouldn’t have to bite their nails to the quick worrying about their properties’ performance. Stress-free investments are created when you know how to offset risk – and by finding unique opportunities that result in a good night’s sleep

  • Passing The Baton To Generation Z Aug 31, 2017

    Mentored in property by a friend’s father for over 20 years, OpenCorp co-founder Cam McLellan is now passionate about giving our newest generation the same ‘light-bulb moment’

  • How to make a success of a property joint venture Aug 31, 2017

    As conditions in Australia’s property market continue to tighten, many would-be buyers are looking to joint ventures to get their foot on the ladder. Teaming up with another buyer can be rewarding for all types of investors, when done properly. Chloe Taylor reports

  • Employee to Full Time Investor Aug 31, 2017

    Many Australians fall in love with property, and fall even more in love with the idea of giving up their day job to live off their real estate profits indefinitely. But what steps are required to actually make this happen? We asked Brendan Kelly to lay it on the line.

  • Earning through buying Aug 31, 2017

    With 40 years of property investing and industry experience behind him, Real Estate Talk host Kevin Turner truly walks the walk

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