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Success Stories

  • From Renter to Property Millionnaire

    Sep 28, 2017 Half a dozen years ago, Harry Singh was renting and licking his wounds after losing his savings in the GFC. But with the help of the First Home Owner Grant, he is now worth over a million dollars – and is on his way to retiring by his 40th birthday. Jacqueline So reports.

  • Investing In Inexpensive Property Aug 31, 2017

    A job at a bowling alley led young investor Crystal Palmer into the world of real estate and renovating. After gaining some experience and learning under mentors, she struck out on her own and 14 years later has made more than 15 profitable investments

  • Anthony Do: "I didn’t know where to start." Aug 30, 2017

    Anthony Do was feeling 'ripped off' after overpaying on a property by $10k, but he dusted himself off and learned to trust again. Now he is reaping the rewards.

  • Investing in the United States Aug 03, 2017

    With 20 years of property investing experience under his belt, Leo Embalsado is taking his expertise to new shores. He’s turned his focus stateside, where he’s been able to double his money in lucrative property deals

  • Rentvesting on Part-Time Incomes Jul 06, 2017

    Katrina and Shane Venables saw their lives transformed by one single visit from a kind financial consultant. With plenty of education, an out-of-the-box strategy and a willingness to make sacrifices in the short term, these rentvesting advocates share how they have been able to invest wisely in property – even on part-time incomes and with three tiny mouths to feed.

  • ​​​​​​​7-Year Investor Builds Portfolio Of 7 Properties Jul 06, 2017

    David Shih dreams of being able to wake up in the morning knowing he can decide exactly what he does with each day. Like his father before him, he has chosen property as the vehicle to make that dream a reality, and is now close to his goal of a $3m portfolio.

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