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Brett Warren

Brett Warren is a director of Metropole Properties in Brisbane  and uses his 12 plus years property investment experience and economics education to advice clients how to build their portfolios.
He is a regular commentator for Michael Yardney's Property Update.

  • This $2 investment could make you millions! Mar 14, 2019

    Here’s a $2 investment that will make you a fortune. Especially given the current economic, financial and political environment!

  • Brisbane’s Time to Shine Feb 27, 2019

    With leading Economists tipping Brisbane to lead the nation for capital growth over the next few years, here are 4 Suburbs that MUST be on your radar.

  • What is Success? Dec 12, 2018

    With another year coming to an end and the prospects of an interesting year ahead for property investors I’d like to share two property investment tips and two success tips I would have liked to learn earlier in life.

  • How is the QLD Economy going to affect the property market? Nov 13, 2018

    Is the Brisbane economy really picking up? And if so, what does this mean for our property markets?

  • How are body corporate fees calculated Oct 03, 2018

    If you’re planning on buying a new home or investment property governed by a body corporate or strata, you’ll need to know how much you’ll be stumping up each year in fees (and what those fees cover).

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