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Ian Hosking Richards

Ian Hosking Richards is a successful property investor with a portfolio of over 30 properties. He is the CEO and founder of Rocket Property Group, a leading independent real estate agency that helps hundreds of people each year enter the property market or grow their existing portfolios. 

For further information or assistance, please visit or call 1300 850 038.

  • Brisbane, next cab off the rank? Apr 08, 2019

    Despite all the doom and gloom about the property market, most people realize that there is not one single market, but multiple markets within Australia, each one at a different stage of the cycle.

  • What should you do differently in 2019? Mar 13, 2019

    If you have not been getting the results that you were expecting over the past few years, it may be a good time to come up with a new strategy that will work better for you.

  • Why do you want to invest in property? Feb 12, 2019

    It might seem like a silly question, but those who begin their property investment journey with very clear expectations tend to do much better at creating wealth than those with less specific goals.

  • Your roadmap to financial freedom Jan 09, 2019

    When I meet with a new investor, one of the first questions I invariably ask is ‘What kind of financial result are you hoping to gain from investing in property?’

  • Choosing the investment strategy that best suits your needs Dec 04, 2018

    The wonderful thing about real estate is that there are lots of ways that you can use it as a vehicle to create wealth. So how do you choose the right strategy for your circumstances?

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