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Ian Hosking Richards

Ian Hosking Richards is a successful property investor with a portfolio of over 30 properties. He is the CEO and founder of Rocket Property Group, a leading independent real estate agency that helps hundreds of people each year enter the property market or grow their existing portfolios. 

For further information or assistance, please visit or call 1300 850 038.

  • What a difference an election makes Sep 03, 2019

    Lower interest rates, rising rents, greater confidence, and no changes to negative gearing ... Property investors, along with many others, are heaving a sigh of relief and ready to go back to business as usual. But did they miss out in the run-up to the election?

  • Google or mentor – which one is best? Aug 17, 2019

    Google has transformed our world. It has become an incredible tool for instantly accessing information on anything you care to research, however obscure. But can it help you become a better investor?

  • Should you join a fee-based mentoring programme? Jun 24, 2019

    Nowadays there are a plethora of paid mentoring programmes and property education courses available that are expensive and promise a lot. But can they deliver, and should you be rushing to sign up on the dotted line?

  • Would you make a good property mentor? May 24, 2019

    Most successful investors love to talk property, myself included. It’s like you have all this amazing information that you want to share with anyone who will listen. However, investing is not just about property information.

  • The Banks - Don’t get me started May 08, 2019

    With all the recent revelations surrounding the unethical practices that are apparently shockingly common in the banking sector, who will ultimately bear the brunt of the fallout?

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