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Kate Forbes

Kate Forbes is a National Director at Metropole Property Strategists. She has 15 years of investment experience in financial markets in two continents, is qualified in multiple disciplines and is also a chartered financial analyst (CFA).
She is a regular commentator for Michael Yardney’s Property Update    


  • 5 ways to help your children buy property Mar 05, 2018

    While some very fortunate parents may be in the position to buy their children a house outright, this is certainly the exception and not the rule.

  • 5 big mistakes investors make when analysing rental properties Feb 05, 2018

    Thinking of buying an investment property, but you truly don’t know where to start? You’re in good company: many new investors feel overwhelmed and bamboozled by information and research when they’re deciding where to buy.

  • 5 types of properties the banks consider “risky” Jan 10, 2018

    On the hunt for a new investment property? Hoping to secure finance at a great rate so you can be on your way to property-mogul status?

  • Why Melbourne millennials should consider "rentvesting" Dec 06, 2017

    Real estate can be full of unfamiliar terms. There are covenants, conveyancing and even conjunctions. A relatively new term on the property scene however is rentvesting, which admittedly doesn't start with a "c". It's becoming more popular by the day, but the question remains what is it and does it suit every investor?

  • 3 ways to reduce your property investment risk Oct 23, 2017

    Do you know the difference between a successful investor and one who fails before they even begin?

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