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What is property depreciation? Answers to property investment questions

Your Investment Property 15 Dec 2011, 12:00 AM

To help you have a greater understanding of depreciation I have listed the top 10 questions I have been asked by investors over the last 15 years

  • John 20 Jun 2013, 04:58 PM

    Nice blog about property depreciation. Really it is very essential to depreciate property tax to earn the best return on investment.

  • Max P 08 Apr 2014, 05:36 PM

    Some refer to Deprecation as "Phantom Cashflow" because it increases your net income without actually costing you anything. Great article Tyron, I'm sure many of your readers will get a lot out of it. MP

  • William 13 Aug 2014, 11:19 AM

    What if the property was built before 1985, is the accountant able to prepare the depreciation report?

  • Alex 13 Jun 2018, 07:42 AM

    Can any one know how to become a property deprication agent, would be appreciated Thanks in advance