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  • Financing your future through holidays

    Apr 18, 2019 Ever thought about renting out your investment property – or your home – for the holidays? It’s an increasingly popular option for investors looking to maximise the revenue from their property portfolio.

  • Is it possible to Retire on $150,000 income from a Property Portfolio? Apr 15, 2019

    You might think it’s difficult to replace your income, or that you need to invest in dozens of properties, but nothing could be further from the truth. Would you like to know exactly how many properties you need to retire on?

  • Securing your investment from the front Apr 15, 2019

    With investors constantly on the lookout for new opportunities, Your Investment Property talks to Defence Housing Australia to discover more about its property investment program

  • A new platform for property management Apr 12, 2019

    Property management is one of the most crucial, yet difficult, things for any aspiring investor to oversee. But the game is about to change the game and make life easier for investors all over Australia. Tom Goodwin reports

  • The near prime mortgage crisis: How did we get here? Apr 12, 2019

    Nothing has negatively changed with regard to your income, your debts, your liabilities or your job. In fact, if anything, your financial situation may have improved – but as the mortgage crisis deepens, securing a property loan is harder than ever. So how did we get here? And, more importantly, is the crisis here to stay in 2019?

  • Are non-banks the answer for investors? Apr 12, 2019

    Many are forecasting that that investors will be increasingly looking outside the big four banks for finance

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