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Buying Property Strategies

  • Big benefits of buying regional property

    Oct 11, 2019 Regional property is capturing investors’ attention as prices retract in many of the major capital cities. But before you join the throngs of buyers fleeing the metro’s borders, what are the risks to be aware of? Jacqueline So reports

  • Seeing patterns in the cycles Aug 01, 2019

    Property investment is a long-term strategy in a cyclic industry. How can investors best become aware of these cycles, and what does the future hold for the Australian property market? Your Investment Property speaks to OpenCorp to find out

  • Investing regionally for positive profits Aug 01, 2019

    Looking for a sea change – or tree change – in your investments? Located just outside of Port Macquarie, Poet’s Ridge might be the idyllic addition to your portfolio you’ve been seeking

  • Best Suburbs in Sydney to Invest in Airbnb Property Jul 30, 2019

    Seasonality has a big impact on short term rental and Airbnb occupancy rates so it’s important to choose the right locations for your investment property.

  • Hidden costs of buying a property Jun 24, 2019

    We often focus on the purchase price when shopping for an investment property – or on the deposit needed to secure it. But what are some of the other fees that get lost in calculation?

  • Big risks of buying budget May 09, 2019

    In the current climate, in which many properties have high price tags and gaining loan approval can be diffi cult, budget properties seem to be the perfect solution for investors. However, they come with their own challenges.

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