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  • Need to know: Residential property acquisition

    Jan 11, 2018 Investors never plan for a forced sale, but these can (and do) happen. When you have to surrender your property to the government in the event of a restructure of the cityscape, here’s what to be prepared for – and how you can still profit

  • A million people can’t be wrong! Dec 17, 2017

    Why is the comparison platform attracting so many property owners?

  • 'Rent To Buy' Schemes Dec 07, 2017

    With property prices in some Australian cities becoming highly unaffordable, would-be property buyers are turning to creative strategies to get on to the property ladder. One such strategy is ‘rent to buy’, but it presents risks for all parties involved, warns Peter Koulizos.

  • Where investors are buying now Sep 28, 2017

    Pretend for a moment that you’ve suddenly been gifted the opportunity to invest in any property (or properties) you like, with $1m worth of buying power at your disposal. What – and where – would you buy?

  • Negotiation Tactics That work Aug 31, 2017

    When you’re ready to take action and purchase your next investment property, a successful outcome depends on your negotiation skills – and by taking the time to fully understand the motivation of the seller, you can create a win-win outcome.

  • Who Do You Trust Aug 31, 2017

    Working with honest, reliable and trustworthy people is the ultimate way to build up your portfolio. But how do you know who’s in your corner, and who are the shonky characters with more interest in lining their own pockets than in helping you grow your wealth?

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