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  • The highs and lows of property developing

    Dec 06, 2018 Developing is the next step on the property ladder for advanced investors who are looking to supercharge their returns. However, along with the big profits that developing can deliver come higher risks, which need to be factored in. Jacqueline So reports

  • Why is the short-term rental market the right option for developers and multi-property owners Aug 30, 2018

    Check out this interview with Daryl Smith, Head of Strategic Partnerships at MadeComfy. Learn more about the short-term rental market for property developers and multi-property owners and how the right property management can maximise rental yields.

  • What is The Armchair Development Concept? Aug 13, 2018

    Kevin and Sarah speak with Paul Wilson to find out more about the innovative investment concept of ‘Armchair Development’.

  • Catching the 1B Wave Jul 03, 2018

    A little-known investment option is beginning to grow in popularity, and those who get ahead of the curve could enjoy a positive cash flow asset with incredible annual returns. Here, Nicola Middlemiss investigates the benefits of 1B dwellings

  • Property development: When to get started Jun 07, 2018

    Most property lovers agree that property development is the ultimate strategy for building cash flow and long-term wealth. So, is there a good time to get started? The answer might surprise you

  • 1-2-3 Property Profit May 10, 2018

    Regular people are becoming profitable developers under  the tutelage of veteran property guru Bob Andersen. He talks to Pauline Hatch about his Property Mastermind step-by-step program that’s busting myths and boosting investor portfolios – and how you can do it too

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