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  • Why is the short-term rental market the right option for developers and multi-property owners

    Aug 30, 2018 Check out this interview with Daryl Smith, Head of Strategic Partnerships at MadeComfy. Learn more about the short-term rental market for property developers and multi-property owners and how the right property management can maximise rental yields.

  • What is The Armchair Development Concept? Aug 13, 2018

    Kevin and Sarah speak with Paul Wilson to find out more about the innovative investment concept of ‘Armchair Development’.

  • Catching the 1B Wave Jul 03, 2018

    A little-known investment option is beginning to grow in popularity, and those who get ahead of the curve could enjoy a positive cash flow asset with incredible annual returns. Here, Nicola Middlemiss investigates the benefits of 1B dwellings

  • Property development: When to get started Jun 07, 2018

    Most property lovers agree that property development is the ultimate strategy for building cash flow and long-term wealth. So, is there a good time to get started? The answer might surprise you

  • 1-2-3 Property Profit May 10, 2018

    Regular people are becoming profitable developers under  the tutelage of veteran property guru Bob Andersen. He talks to Pauline Hatch about his Property Mastermind step-by-step program that’s busting myths and boosting investor portfolios – and how you can do it too

  • Property development: an increasingly popular wealth strategy Apr 12, 2018

    Property investors these days are more educated and seek ‘an edge’ to break away from the pack and fast-track their path to financial independence. Property development reigns supreme – within reach of the everyday investor.

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