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  • Family is the focus

    Jun 07, 2018 As the co-founder of mobile marketplace sensation Airtasker, Jonathan Lui is flying high and reaping the fruits of his labour

  • Upcoming Property Investment Events May 31, 2018

    Your Investment Property lists upcoming property investment events around Australia including seminars, workshops, webinars and information evenings. Read on for our top picks...

  • Quick-fix interior design tips that won’t break the bank May 30, 2018

    Did life get in the way, moving your home goals down the priority list? If you’re looking for quick fixes that will add high impact to your home’s aesthetic, check out our budget-friendly interior design hacks room-by-room.

  • Here’s how house-sitting is offering Australians an affordable way to live and travel. May 24, 2018

    Many retirees, undergrads and young couples in Australia are living and travelling for free, thanks to the concept of house sitting that has rapidly grown across the country.

  • A revolution in Feasibility Modelling May 10, 2018

    James Longden describes how world-first add-in Modano has supercharged humble Excel to give property investors the type of feasibility modelling usually reserved for big business.

  • Low-Risk, High-Profit Property Apr 12, 2018

    Dual dwellings offer the best of both worlds: a cash flow positive property and a safety net in case one tenant moves out, says Graeme Shiels

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