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  • Low-Risk, High-Profit Property

    Apr 12, 2018 Dual dwellings offer the best of both worlds: a cash flow positive property and a safety net in case one tenant moves out, says Graeme Shiels

  • Debt-free and gaining equity Apr 12, 2018

    Transitioning from fashion design to real estate, Allison Mifsud is using her investment savvy to enjoy life on her own terms

  • 9 buyer’s agent tips for a top quality investment Apr 12, 2018

    Antony Bucello is a director of National Property Buyers and the State Manager for Victoria. Having been involved in countless property transactions for his clients in his 17-year real estate career, he has been asked every question in the book. So, let’s jump into the 9 questions he hears most often from investors. His responses may just help you avoid making a costly investment mistake in 2018!

  • Upcoming Property Investment Events Mar 16, 2018

    Your Investment Property lists upcoming property investment events around Australia including seminars, workshops, webinars and information evenings. Read on for our top picks...

  • From Pauper to Producer Mar 15, 2018

    Cam McLellan was once a kid living in a tin-can shed. Now he’s a director of a top property management firm, and a Hollywood producer to boot!

  • Investing For Everyday Australians Feb 15, 2018

    Just $50,000 will get you started in property, says Zah Azmi, as long as you’ve got the right support team

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