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  • Investing for short-term rentals: tips for choosing the right property

    Oct 11, 2019 In this article, we take a look at five key areas you should consider when identifying a suitable investment property for a short-term rental property investment.

  • 31 tips for landlord success Aug 08, 2019

    Appointing a property manager and then sitting back and letting everything take care of itself sounds good in theory, but in practice landlords need to be hands-on in order to enjoy a high-profit, low-stress investment

  • Big risks of being a landlord (and how to avoid them) Jul 27, 2019

    Property investors are in it to make a profit – but not everyone is ready to deal with the difficulties of handling tenants along the way.

  • Short-term occupancy, long-term gains Jul 22, 2019

    A first-time property investor reveals how putting her Queensland rental up for short-term stays is carving her a path towards her next purchase

  • The real cost of property management May 30, 2019

    Managing your investment property can prove costly and time-consuming. Here, we look at the ongoing costs – and an alternative.

  • Three things your property manager should be doing May 16, 2019

    Finding the right property manager to turn your investment from a first step into a success is no easy feat. But what should your property manager be doing to make your property stand out from the rest? And how do you know whether you’ve just met ‘the one’?

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