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Selling Property Strategies

  • How to Choose An A-List Selling Agent

    May 11, 2017 Buying and selling property can be a stressful experience, but the situation can become that much more difficult if your real estate agent isn’t up to the job. Kylie Davis from CoreLogic shares her tips for finding an A-list agent to sell your property for top dollar.

  • What Investors Need to Know About Interest Rates in 2017 May 11, 2017

    Smart money management is a critical component of any investor’s long-term investment strategy. Interest rates are an important piece of the puzzle, but how do you manage a variable that you have no direct control over? Ben Kingsley, shares his insights on current trends – and where interest rates are headed, this year and beyond.

  • When to sell Feb 20, 2014

    How do you know when it’s time to sell? Jeremy Sheppard examines the factors you need to consider before cashing in on your property

  • How To Sell For Top $$$ Fast Nov 13, 2013

    Having made the decision to sell your property, you will want to maximise your returns. Here is Your Investment Property’s comprehensive rundown on what to do to ensure the best possible sale.

  • 6 touch-ups that actually devalue your property Sep 01, 2013

    Not every renovation or fix-up project ends in smiles and a pat on the back. If you want to know how to flush away the value of your investment, read on

  • Finding a buyer in a haystack Feb 08, 2013

    Buyers these days want properties that fit their tastes like a glove, like they were made only for them. But how do you meet that need if you’re trying to sell?

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