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    Dec 10, 2018 Co-invest in my DHA leased investment property in Canberra. Legal protection via caveat. I am Prepared to Pay Your Solicitors Costs for the Set Up of the Legal Agreement. Year by year investment negotiable. Guaranteed rental by DHA for next 3 years. Invest $300k and get $1,300 p/m return. Call Michael on 0407 894 866 or email:

  • 5 Investment Strategies That Will Weather The Storm Nov 07, 2018

    If your retirement plan relies on Real Estate, you absolutely must know what Jane Slack-Smith is about to reveal in her free webinar: New Rules for Property Wealth in 2018 and Beyond

  • Interest-only loans could be a thing of the past Nov 05, 2018

    Whether you’re an experienced investor, or just looking to break into the market, there is a storm coming your way and the window of time to prepare is closing fast.

  • Will losing negative gearing be the last straw? Nov 02, 2018

    The abolishment of negative gearing will not only be a massive barrier to new ‘would-be’ investors. It could well be the last straw that takes down the entire housing market...

  • Is Negative Gearing Is On The Way Out? Oct 31, 2018

    As the clock counts down to the federal election (and more changes), what can property investors do now to prepare for potential upheaval?

  • 3 hard-won lessons about successful investing Aug 29, 2018

    As I walked through Sydney’s CBD from NAB back to my office, my stomach was full of butterflies. In my handbag, I had just placed a bank cheque for $13,500 – it was every cent I had, and I was about to hand it all over.

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