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  • Tax Q&A: Dissolving trusts and transfering property

    Jun 06, 2019 Being a beneficiary and controller of a trust, am I able to dissolve the trust and transfer the property into my name without paying stamp duty?

  • Tax Q&A: Does 6-yr rule apply for a transfer (not sale) Jun 06, 2019

    I would still be exempt from capital gains tax if I transferred my primary residence to a family member?

  • Tax Q&A: Builder went bust Jun 06, 2019

    I paid a builder a deposit of $20,000 to build my house but he went bankrupt without doing any work. What are my CGT and stamp duty obligations in this scenario?

  • Tax Q&A: Will we have to pay capital gains tax May 27, 2019

    In 2005, I purchased my own home to live in then 10 years later I purchased a new family home and rented out the original home, If we sell it, will we have to pay capital gains tax and, if so, how much?

  • Tax Q&A: Tax implications if we develop our property May 27, 2019

    What would be the implications if we developed the property and placed two townhouses side by side? How can we minimise capital gains tax?

  • Tax Q&A: Subdivision and CGT May 27, 2019

    I purchased a property, lived in it for 12 months and then rented it out for six years. I have not claimed any main residence tax breaks for any other properties in the meantime...

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