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Tax Q&A

  • Tax Q&A: Changing your PPOR

    Jun 07, 2018 Would being married and living in North Melbourne automatically change my PPOR?

  • Tax Q&A: CGT on joint ownership Jun 06, 2018

    Would I have to pay tax on my portion of the outcome if we sold it?

  • Tax Q&A: Situations when you can claim a CGT exemption Jun 06, 2018

    The property was purchased in November 1998. I moved in a couple of months later and then moved out after becoming pregnant in March 2000. Could this be a viable situation to claim an exemption for CGT?

  • Tax Q&A: Stamp duty on inherited properties May 07, 2018

    Will we have to pay stamp duty for the titles of the properties to be changed to our names, or are there exemptions available for inherited properties?

  • Tax Q&A: Tax Depreciation May 07, 2018

    Do we still get to claim the original tax depreciation schedule that was made in 2014, or do we need to adhere to the new government tax depreciation rules concerning the plant and equipment on established properties?

  • Tax Q&A: What is post-CGT property? May 07, 2018

    I do not have paperwork to show the date of sale on contract but have evidence of settlement, do I have to pay CGT?

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