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Success Stories

  • When Tax Attacks

    Jan 11, 2018 New Zealander John Chandler saw opportunity blooming in Queensland, so as a low-income earner keen to boost his retirement income, he invested in property in the Sunshine State. All was on track until changing foreign investment laws put him in the red

  • Strategic Investor of the year: Crystal Palmer Jan 10, 2018

    With more than 15 properties in her portfolio and a seven-figure net wealth, Crystal Palmer is an inspiration investor – especially when you consider that most of her properties were purchased for under $200k . Congratulations to Crystal – our 2017 Strategic Investor of the year!

  • New Investor of the year: Paul Smith Jan 10, 2018

    Paul Smith has only been in the property investment game for five years, but he’s already making great strides. Congratulations to Paul – our 2017 New Investor of the year!

  • Reno Investor of the Year: Sally Lewis Jan 10, 2018

    When Sally Lewis and her husband Owen began investing in property, they had the same goal as everyone else: to make money. Now, their fine-turned renovation strategy is boosting their portfolio and generating high rents – impressing our judges along the way. Congratulations to Sally: our 2017 Reno Investor of the Year!

  • Learning From Past Mistakes Dec 07, 2017

    Mathew Thompson knew he wanted to create a property portfolio as a teenager, so he taught himself how to become an investor. While his journey has not been without setbacks, he believes that staying the course in tough times is crucial to success. Jacqueline So reports.

  • From Renter to Property Millionnaire Sep 28, 2017

    Half a dozen years ago, Harry Singh was renting and licking his wounds after losing his savings in the GFC. But with the help of the First Home Owner Grant, he is now worth over a million dollars – and is on his way to retiring by his 40th birthday. Jacqueline So reports.

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